Macchine Volanti


Cole and Son



Macchine Volanti features wondrous flying machines against a backdrop taken from Nuvole wallpaper. The fantastical flying machines gather amongst the clouds evoking, the romantic New World of scientific exploration. The design is a total of 137cm wide, and is sold as a set comprising two wide width rolls of 68.5cm each. This design has been devised so that it directly co-ordinates with both Nuvolette.

Brightly coloured flying machines in blue, red and bronze with metallic gold highlights on warm light grey backgroundFlying machines in indigo blue and metallic silver and gilver on mid blue backgroundFlying machines in monochromatic black outlines on warm ivory backgroundA neutrally coloured sky with etchings of flying machines accented with bright yellow and redFlying machines in metallic silver and gold on a dark charcoal background

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