Novafrica sunset scene 1 tangerine


Christian Lacroix


LaCroix Stravaganza Wallpaper

An extravagant scenic wallpaper beautifully imagined by the design house of Christian Lacroix. The Novafrica Sunrise Scene 1 Tangerine wallpaper depicts a beautiful African landscape at sunrise and features wildlife such as crane birds, flamingos, and monkeys, set against a vibrant floral background. This wallpaper is digitally printed as 3 x 50cm drops, where each drop is designed to be hung in sequence next to each other to create a complete panel 150cm wide x 300cm high.

This design is available in two scene options which can be used in combination together or alone to stunning effect. Novafrica Sunrise Scene 1 Tangerine can be used alongside Novafrica Sunrise Scene 2 Tangerine to create a spectacular second layout, for a stunning scenic effect.


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