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Designer Guild’s Giardino Segreto Scene 1 wallpaper is a stunning wallpaper depicting a large-scale landscaped secret garden full of fauna, florals, trees, and birds – the latter either perched or swooping down from the skies. Digitally printed and painted in watercolours, Giardino Segreto Scene 1 also includes a lake as the perfect balance to a cloud-strewn open sky. This lovely scene can be displayed on its own in one large panel or extended with the Giardino Segreto Scene 2. Find both in Designers Guild’s Mandora wallpaper collection.

This wallpaper is supplied as a panel. Each panel is made up of 2 drops, each 70cm wide by 3m in length, meaning 1 panel will cover a space of 3m height x 140cm width.


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