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A stunning feather print wallpaper featuring jewel coloured feathers floating downwards against a plain background. Adornado by Matthew Williamson has a beautiful relaxing quality and works beautifully as a feature wall, or on all four walls. This gorgeous wallpaper is an excellent choice for any room in the home such as a bedroom, sitting room, or hallway. Printed on paste the wall paper for easy installation, and once applied it is washable so you can wipe the surface to keep it clean.

Navy/Sapphire - jewel coloured feathers in sapphire blue against a navy backgroundTeal/Sapphire/Fuchsia - jewel coloured feathers in sapphire blue and fuchsia pink against a dark teal backgroundPale Grey/Black/Yellow - jewel coloured feathers in black and gold against a cool greyish blue backgroundCharcoal/Amber/Citrine - jewel coloured feathers in golden hues against a charcoal background

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