Grove Garden


Osborne & Little


Wallpaper Album 5

Grove Garden is one of our most popular designs from Osborne & Little. This wallpaper shows delightful Hummingbirds in a beautiful tropical oasis. The brightly coloured birds seem to be almost dancing as they flutter through the air on various backgrounds with metallic accents. Extravagant but classy, ideal for a feature wall but can be used anywhere. Large scale measures at 24cm/9.4inches tall.

Birds with vivid orange, lime, turquoise and pink, on a lemon-lime background.Pink, turquoise and yellow birds on an aqua background with gold outline.Black and white birds, a fresh aqua background, and silver accents.Birds in greens and pinks on a buff background with gold-silver accents.Birds in turquoise, aqua, magenta and lime, against a pale brown background with silvery-gold accents.Birds in bright red and cream on a black background

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