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Create your own “Wonder Room” in your home with this unique bookshelf wallpaper. “Cabinet Of Curiosities” by Timeless Design takes inspiration from the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford and depicts ancient mysterious relics, precious antiquities, scientific instruments and pieces of natural history stored in between an arrangement of decorated vintage books, set against a wood-like background.

This richly detailed collection of extraordinary objects tells stories about the wonders and the mysteries of the natural world and is an ideal choice if you are looking to create a feature wall in a home study or a bar, but would work equally as well in the bedroom, living room or on the stairs.

The wallpaper arrives as one roll containing four separate 52cm wide strips. Each strip is labelled A, B, C, and D for ease of hanging. The strips are designed to be hung vertically to form a panel that is 2.08 meters wide. Panels can be joined together to cover any length of wall. The panel height is 3 meters and is designed to be trimmed down to your wall height. (Coverage 6.2 square metres).

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